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Instagram Collabs for Businesses                    

The digital world is constantly expanding, evolving so quickly it can feel overwhelming to keep astride of the latest influences and trends. Such as instagram collabs.

We all know and love Instagram the social media giant that easily enables photos to be edited, filtered then instantly shared online with our friends or followers. But do you know just how powerfully pervasive it is becoming?

In 2021 Instagram:

  • Was the second most downloaded app in the world (Forbes)
  •  Was demographically dominated by 25-34 year olds and is Gen Z’s favourite social platform (Hootsuite)
  • Had an estimated revenue of $24 billion in 2020 (Facebook does not disclose Instagram revenue) (BusinessofAppsData)
  • Established that 90% of Instagram users follow at least one business and the average Instagram business account grows its followers by 1.69% each month (Hootsuite)

Undoubtedly Instagram is a global social media superstar with stratospheric business potential and appeal.  Time to exploit its powerful capacity.  As ever the app has helpfully designed features, suggestions and tools to encourage fiscal investment. One more final stat if you’re still undecided;

Instagrams’ advertising reach is leaving Facebooks’ for dust- globally growing by 20.5% over the last year (Hootsuite)

Some pretty powerful Instagram stats there-but how can this help your SME?  Essentially the Instagram collabs feature allows you to invite another Instagram user to work with you (collaborate).  The joy being that the post appears on both profiles.  So by hooking up with other businesses the posts will appear on both accounts leading to greater exposure for both of you.  What’s not to like?

how to find and team up with other businesses

Clearly you need to complement each other if you’re both to benefit from a collab so discount direct competitors.  Think mutually beneficial so posts will be potentially appealing to all followers. Importantly, don’t be tempted to punch above your weight and approach supremely successful brands who have 1000’s more followers than you!

Thinking inspirationally but realistically about co-creating posts is the way forward. Posts designed to communicate/educate/inform/interest both audiences.  Shortlist then the scary part – contact.  Best to keep it professional and contact via email in the initial instance.  Think business first. Throw out a few hooks to explore who might be interested in a collab; what can you offer?  If you get any bites then it’s think details.  Be ready and proactive.  Research primed.  Which campaigns would be mutually beneficial?  How long might they run?  What are the predicted gains? 

Next the fun part – design campaign and execute.  Set goals. Then as with any relationship communicate, communicate, communicate.

Continue to measure outcomes, ROI, engagement and performance.

Finally evaluate and use to inform future campaigns.

How easy is it to set up Instagram collabs?

Easy as pie.  It’s Instagram.  Remember the stats demonstrating their stellar success?

Step One:

Open your Instagram app and select +

Step Two:

Select from the available options-post, reel, story or live. Choose what you want to share then press next. You’ll have a chance to edit before posting, when happy tap next.

Step Three:

Who do you want to tag? Select tag people then invite collaborator.

Step Four:

Search for your collaborators and tap done to save! Once completed your collaborator will view the post and hopefully accept the request!

Of course your SME may be receiving collab requests from others.  Choose wisely dependent on above criteria to establish which partnerships may be commercially potentially advantageous.

Or check out this link for more support:

There it is in a neat nutshell!

Celebrate creating exciting business opportunities via exploiting the latest Instagram features co-authoring posts with a few fast clicks.  Reach out to a bigger new audience easily, quickly.  Discover a new world of customers now.

Or we’re here to listen. To help and support.

We can create awesome copy, manage and measure social media profiles and so much more at

Whatever your digital marketing needs. Electric Sheep


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