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Blogs & Backlinks – Tricks of the Trade for your Business

It’s easy to focus all your energy and passion on the tech side of your business. But to get your brand out there takes dedication to your online presence. 

For a tech business in particular, you’ve probably noticed that it’s super competitive out there, so it is absolutely vital that your online marketing doesn’t get left behind!

There are many ways to do this but if you want big results without the big spending you can increase your online visibility with a blog, ultimately gaining you more clients and revenue.

Why is a Blog Important to Get Your Business Seen?

A well-informed and well-written blog will contribute to your SEO ranking and boost your brand. We strongly recommend that you start one right away if you don’t already have one on your website. And if you do already have a blog, but it’s not getting the results you want, we can show you how to shake things up and make it produce incredible results! Read more on how else to boost SEO in our blog here.

Now, we’re not talking about any run-of-the-mill blog here. Your blog needs to be rich in relevant keywords and captivating content. (Read more on how to choose your keywords in our blog here.) Instead of simply pushing your products or services, this is an excellent opportunity to show your potential customers where your expertise lies, interest them with relevant tech industry information and, once you have their attention and trust in your knowledge, direct them towards your website with a link.

Link Back to Your Website and Start Converting Customers

Once you’ve started publishing regular and sparkling blogs, full of keywords relevant to your tech business, you should be gaining more and more readers. 

This is brilliant for getting your brand and services noticed and read about time and time again. But now, it is essential to send them somewhere that positively impacts your business and converts views to clicks and clicks to new clients.

Make sure that you sprinkle in internal links to direct your readers to relevant pages on your website and to your other blogs on similar topics. So, for example, in this wonderful blog we could also add a link back to our website and say ‘learn more about SEO on our website here’. You’ll notice there are several links in this blog back to our website and our other blogs.  (See what we did there?) 

Backlinks Are Your Secret Weapon to Win the Google Game

Backlinks are possibly your greatest weapon when it comes to winning over google and other search engines. Google is far more likely to show your blog at the top of search results if there are several backlinks from external websites and blogs directing traffic to your blog or website. These backlinks act as a vote of confidence and essentially build trust with your audience that other sites would recommend your blog. Search engines will then see your blog as valuable to others.

What are Backlinks?

Search engines change their algorithm constantly, but backlinks are the latest SEO trick to ensure your blog doesn’t get lost in a sea of similar online content. 

In short, backlinks are simply a link back to your blog from somewhere else. The more you have, the better! Not only will they increase traffic to your blog but they will boost your SEO ranking.

Types of Backlink you Might See

Backlinks from some external sources hold more authority than others. .g. a backlink from a .gov source will hold more value than a backlink from Joe Bloggs. 
Still, any and all backlinks will do wonders for your blog. These could be:

Natural links that happen without your input 

  • Manual links that you actively ask other blogs for or a guest blog linking back to your own blog
  • Self-created links where you add your own backlink in a blog comment or online directory

With all these backlinks to your blog it will then do its job and rank highly on search engines, drive traffic back to your website and produce great results!

Post Blogs Regularly

Remember to keep your blog up to date with regular posts on the latest tech industry information and new products, new points of view, data and topics. Posting consistently via a weekly blog will ultimately increase traffic to your website. 

New, relevant and engaging content added frequently will keep you at the top of those Google search results.

By making time every day to plan your content, post often, iterate to your target market about your tech business and continually show dedication to your product in a positive and authentic manner your online presence will thrive.

Keep going! The more you do the better the final outcome will be.

Keep It Interesting and Relevant

Consider using evergreen content to ensure a constant level of interest. By providing well-written, useful information that is relevant year round, year on year, you will be offering a valuable resource to your readers and prospective customers to return to time and time again.

Use guest bloggers to write contributions to your blog. Find someone who can write great content and knows the subject matter. Even short and sweet, well-written blog contributions can reinforce your brand online and boost your position in Google’s search results.

Build Trust with Your Audience

Your audience needs to trust your knowledge in the industry before they will listen to your advice on what product may be right for them, for example. 

Build that trust and make a lasting impression through your blog by regularly sharing your expertise on your product, your industry and what values drive your business. 

The more your readers learn about what you know, not just about your specific field of expertise but also the wider tech industry, the more likely they will be to take your advice and click that link through to your website.

Read more on finding your target market in our blog here.

Some Useful Stats on Blogs

One of the most effective ways to improve your audience’s trust is to make use of statistics in your blog posts. So here are some interesting stats on blogs:

  • Over two thirds of internet users read blogs regularly
  • Websites with a blog tend to have 434% more indexed pages
  • Blogs with images get nearly twice as many views
  • 68.5% of consumers say that a blog adds credibility to a website
  • Blog titles with 6 to 13 words attract the highest and most consistent amount of traffic

Hire a Digital Marketing Expert

Let’s get your blog out there and promote your tech business! 

If all the above sounds too much like hard work, leave it with us and we’ll build your online presence for you. Using an expert to do the job efficiently and accurately can enhance your results and save you time and money – plus, we’re pretty darn good at it…

Speak to us today and we’ll show you how we will boost your business to superstardom!


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